Then following information has been extracted from that prepared by the National Historic Site and Monuments Board. This table lists all HBC-related sites on the NHSMB register. Many are operated by Parks Canada or the various provincial park commissions.


 British ColumbiaFort AlexandriaNWC post 1821 - 1860s 
 Fort St. JamesNWC post founded by Simon Fraser, 1806 
 Fort HopeHBC post 1848 - 1860 
 Kootenae HouseNWC 1807 -1812 
 Fort KamloopsNWC & HBC 
 Fort LangleyHBC post, 1827; restored to 1858 
 Fort McLeodNWC post, 1805 
 Fort St. JohnNWC posts, 1806 - 1823 
 Fort VictoriaHBC post, 1843 
 Boat Encampment, Warsaw Mountain/ Red Rock BayKey transshipment point on the Columbia River 
 AlbertaHowse PassFirst crossed by David Thompson, 1807 
 Fort Assiniboine1823 HBC post 
 Fort Dunvegan1805 NWC post 
 Fort Edmonton (III)1831 HBC Post 
 Fort ChipewyanMajor trading posts 1800s 
 Fort VermilionNWC and Hbc posts 
 Athabaska PassMajor fur trade route 
 Henry HouseNWC post 1811-1830s (actual site unknown) 
 Jasper House1829 post 
 Fort August & Fort EdmontonRival NWC and Hbc posts 
 Fort ForkStarting point of Mackenzie's route to the Pacific, 1793 
 Rocky Mountain HouseHBC, NWC posts 
 SaskatchewanCumberland HouseHBC, 1774 
 Fort CarltonHBC, 1795 - 1885 
 Fort PittHBC post; site of signing of Treaty No. 6 
 Fort Qu'AppelleHBC fort; site of negotiations for Treaty No. 4 
 Ile-à-la-CrosseHBC fur trade site 
 Fort-à-la-CorneFur trade posts 1753 - 1932 
 Fort PellyRemains of HBC post 
 Fort EspéranceRemains of 2 NWC posts 
 ManitobaFort ChurchillHBC built by Samuel Hearne, 1783 
 Fort Prince of WalesHBC, built 18th c. 
 Norway HouseHBC post 
 Lower Fort GarryHBC 
 Fort DauphinFort originally built by la Vérendrye 
 York Factory1684 - 1870s main HBC depot 
 OntarioInverarden HouseCornwall; 1816 private home of NWC trader John McDonald of Garth 
 Fort St. PierreOriginal French post on Rainy Lake, 1731 - 1758; later Fort Frances 
 Moose FactoryHBC, 1693 
 Ermatinger HouseSault Ste. Marie; private residence of HBC factor; 1814 - 1823 
 Fort WilliamNWC, 1803 
 Macdonell HousePointe-Fortune; Stone Palladian residence of prominent fur trader (1817-1819) 
 QuebecLachineFur trade era warehouse, 1803 
 Ste. Anne de Bellevue CanalEarlier canal on site 1843 
 Fort TémiscamingueFrench fur trade post 
 North West TerritoriesFort McPhersonHBC, 1840 
 Fort ResolutionHBC, 1821 
 Fort SimpsonNWC, 1804; HBC, 1822 
 Fort RelianceOldest continuously operating HBC post, 1833